At Compass we maintain certain core values which act as guiding beacons and which define our work and service culture. These values are the foundation stones for our corporate culture, behavior and define our guidelines for personalized client relationships.

The guiding principles we follow are:
Customer Focus:
This is the basis of our partnerships and relationships. We always listen to our customers and deliver the right solutions tailored for their needs. Each time an existing or a potential client walks into our office, he or she gets our undivided attention. We work only with our customers’ interest in mind.

Financial Discipline:
Profitable growth combined with responsible risk management enables us to create superior value for our customers. Our primary payback is your trust. Trust us to be your financial architects.

Uncompromising Commitment:
We measure our success through our customer relationship and their feedback. It is our customer who defines our success

We understand that it is more important to work together to deliver outstanding service, than to just met our own personal objectives. Our team work is what allows us to achieve functional excellence for ourselves and most importantly our customers.

With our dedicated employees and continuous training programs, we strive to excel by looking ways to improve.

We have a firm belief in ourselves, our company and our services which enables us to confidently deliver a quality experience our customers can always rely upon.

We constantly challenge the status quo and encourage our people to be creative and innovative in their thinking to meet the challenges of the ever changing environment.

We believe in the importance of acting with integrity and honesty in all our dealings.

Our commitment:
  • We constantly challenge ourselves to improve.
  • We care about what we do.
  • We have pride in our performance.
  • We go the extra mile for our clients.
The words that represent Compass are:
  • Composure & Compassion
  • Opportunities & Objectivity
  • Methodology & Meditation
  • Plan & Preparation
  • Analysis & Solutions
  • Substance & Solutions
  • Support & Sincerity
It is from our values that we derive our business ethics and these are the DNA of our organization. Our ethics have shaped us into what we are today and set the direction for the path we have to follow in the future. We believe in following the highest standards of ethical conduct, which ensures that we always do the right thing.

We value the confidence our customers have in us when they place their assets and life time savings in hands. Our ethics bind us to privacy in our dealings with them. We keep our customers informed at all times. Our ethical conduct ensures that you are in control of your finances at all times, while we are always there to guide you on each decision you take.