Mr. Rakesh Rachwani
Founder Member and Managing Partner

Mr. Rakesh Rachwani leads a professional team committed towards being a client driven financial solutions provider.

He is passionate towards the world of life Insurance and Investment and has been an active member of the financial services industry since the last 20 years, both in India and the UAE.

His attitude towards the world of finance can be summed up in the following words . . . “If you think it’s difficult to talk about money when you’re blissfully in love, try talking about it later, when you are disconsolate and angry and your love has died.”

This brings out the real essence of his feelings towards financial planning and has helped him deal with it in a professional and exemplary manner.

Mr. Rachwani has developed his passion for providing Insurance & Investment solutions while working as a part-time sales consultant for Life Insurance Corporate of India in 1990, whilst still at college. This part-time job led him to take up the profession as his career, after graduating in engineering in 1992. Over the years, he has driven his business to excellence, solely by his dedication and hard work. He came to Dubai in 1993 and was able to gain loyalty and trust of over 300 clients in less than 5 years.

His belief in Life Insurance is exemplified in these words . . .

“It is better to set your own terms after death for your loved ones than pushing them down the road to unsentimental strangers in a harsh courtroom”.

His achievements are exemplified by the fact that he has qualified for 9 consecutive years for MDRT with 3 COTs (Court of the Table) and 4 top of the qualifications.

His expertise lies in living for the present and safe guarding the future.

With him at the helm the company is definitely headed in the right direction, guided by his capable hands.