Our core values are not limited to being trustworthy, respectable, committed and dedicated in our dealings as a financial services company. We realize that as global citizens we have to extend a helping hand to others in need, right from the local community to the entire planet.

We understand the importance of community and we do not take corporate social responsibility lightly. At Compass, corporate social responsibility is essentially our contribution to sustainable development and betterment of the communities and societies beyond borders. Something more is required beyond laws and the care offered by the government systems in place. We understand this need and have taken on the responsibility of helping the society, the environment and the economy at large. As a part of our efforts towards this goal, Compass has funded the treatment for an 18 year old Sri Lankan to undergo heart surgery.

As the philosopher, P.Cannon Rasmussen, once said, “To determine how successful your actions might be, consider how your efforts will serve to improve the lives of others”.

As our Corporate Social Responsibility Program evolves, we will share with you more important milestones achieved by us in this effort.