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Jitendra Sharma
It has been such a rewarding  .a3gx{position:absolute;clip:rect(483px,auto,auto,442px);}pastingexperience dealing with Mr. Balachandran BalaSubramaniam on my financial planning and Life Insurance requirements.
His recommendations on savings and investments products are “spot-on”.

Bala is a true customer focused professional and I would recommend everyone to avail his financial advice and lead a happy life forever….

Jitendra Sharma

Comfort Zone
Today Financially i am.a3gx{position:absolute;clip:rect(483px,auto,auto,442px);} better placed due to channelised financial planning, courtesy Compass Financial Solution for its continued support and timely guidance. Compass Financial Solutions is instrumental for maintaining my financial position at a comfort Zone.

Hari Vishwanathan

Senior Accountant

Knowledge of the Markets
I have been associated with Compass Financial Solution since 2009. I have taken a couple of investment and Insurance policies.

I started with an investment policy to secure my child's higher education . The level of service I received from the financial architect handling my policies forced me to take another policy as well, this time an insurance policy covering my wife and myself .

Compass has a vast experience and in-depth knowledge of financial market and so far i am extremely pleased with their forecasts and guidance on various investments.

My Best Wishes to Compass fort heir future prosperity

Expertise and Professionalism
Its been almost half a decade knowing you personally and one year professionally. i Would like to take this opportunity to express thanks by writing this testimonial. it has been such a pleasure working with you. I am quite impressed with your expertise and professionalism.

Your ability to handle multiple complex transations; the work ethic that wont quit; the understanding of business processes; understanding client need/budgets and the ability to operate both strategically and tactically are the business skills and qualities which first come to mind when i think of you.

Compass has a deep understanding of business "rhythms".

You have been a great help to yogi Group and me in developing effective strategies on matters concerning personal and corporate insurance.

your personal business insight is refreshing, extermely candid and inspiring. Your passion for what you do is evident in every call, meeting and email.

The Human Touch
What Sets Compass apart for other investment consultants is its knowledge of the markets and excellent service it provides with regular updates.As a company it genuinely cares about you as a client and a human being.

The Excellent rapport I have with my personal consultant, the transpearency of transactions, the open sharing of information and prompt personalised service ensure that my investments are well-managed and thriving.As an investor i feel i am in the drivers seat.

Stanley Rodrigues , HR Manager,

Petrochem Middle East 

Great service and Solutions
I have known the Compass Family on a personal level, However it was good to know it more on a professional level and in my opinion the level of service and solutions provided by the company was far beyond my expectations.

In my case i was impressed with its ability to handle and understand the requirements and it was been such a pleasure working with it.

Given your deep understanding of business, compass and its talented team truly deserve to be congratulated for providing the best "Financial Solutions"

Johnson Isac, Operation Manager,

Extron Electronics Middle East .

The Insurance Factor
In 1999 a salesman came to me and asked me if i had an insurance policy.

I told him that i didnt believe in insurance companies and that we only paid them without bothering about however would not take 'no' for an answer and he asked me two questions.

A) How much electricity and water bill do i pay Month?
B) What do i get from the electricity department?

At first i want sure what he was trying to hint at, but then as i found later he was trying to make a valid point.He went on to explain how investing in the right insurance policy could protect me during difficult situations.

While I bought into the policy, I did not completely comprehend what i could do for me.t has been fifteen years since then and now I am waiting fr my first policy to mature.

I have to say that if it was not for this salesman 'Rakesh Rachwani', I wouldnt have saved the kind of money that I didnt even dream of in 1996.

The dream has now become a reality and thanks to the salesman for his interest in protecting my life and making me save for rainy day.

Plus I had the security of knowing that if something unfortunate was to befall me or my family I always had the medical cover to bank on.

In short in would describe Compass Financial Services as my partner and Rakesh Rachwani as my family member. "Financial guidance with personalised Service "

Giresh Ragoowanshi,

Trust has Been Earned
I have been serviced by Compass since 2007 and during this period the company has not only earned my trust, through sheer relationship servicing, but has also saved me from worrying about my investments.Whats more is that I have always been kept abreast of ow my funds are doing, through regular updates.

The team is solution-oriented and provides great guidance to financially non-savvy customers like me.To cap it all and as a testimonial to their relationship-building strength, Compass is almost always the first to send their best wishes during the several festivals through the year.Here's wishing Compass continued success in future.

Anjan Lahiri,Senior Market Research Practitioner  

Murli Odhrani, CEO Petrotech Groups (UAE and India)
I would like to express our appreciation for the service and professional advice that Compass Financial Solutions have provided us over the years. The time and patience that Rakesh Rachwani has provided in ensuring that we understand the coverage of our policies has made us recognize that you always had our best interests at heart. Rakesh has been very professional in providing our needs as a business owners. The extra efforts that you have shown in ensuring that prompt response to phone calls and e-mails were made in a timely manner were recognized. At the end of the day we feel comfortable leaving our insurance needs in the hands of Compass Financial Solutions.

Karthi Keyan.V
Karthi Keyan.V

I has been a great experience dealing with.a3gx{position:absolute;clip:rect(483px,auto,auto,442px);} Mr. Balachandran BalaSubramaniam of Compass financial Solutions for last 3 years. He has provided great insight details on the financial investments options and guided me on the prospective path. I have started investment plans accordingly.

His services and follow-ups are outstanding and I feel that I’m in safe hands for me and family future needs.

Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar