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Gautam Ganglani

It is a privilege & pleasure to know Rakesh Rachwani personally & professionally.

I acknowledge Rakesh for being a world class service provider who has all the attributes a customer would desire from your insurance agent.

He is understanding, patient, polite, personalised & professional in his approach.

He has made passion his currency, relationships his bottom line and trust his trademark.

In my 19 years of business experience I can say it is rare to meet an individual from the insurance trade who is 100 % authentic.

My wholehearted appreciation & gratitude to you Rakesh for the personalized service & professional experience with attention to detail in the customers best interest.

Rakesh you have exceeded my expectations & I salute you as the “real deal” & someone I will highly recommend to my friends & business contacts with complete confidence that they will be served at the highest level.

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Gautam Ganglani

15 - Jun - 2024