Insurance and Financial Planning

The Company

Established in 2006, Compass Insurance Brokers LLC is one of the leading and multidimensional insurance solutions providers in Dubai, UAE. Compass Insurance Brokers LLC provides individuals and corporates with the apt advice, financial plans & services, and tips they need to protect, invest and grow their wealth. Our comprehensive services include a wide range of the Life, Health, and General Insurance Programs and consultation, to create a sustainable revenue stream.

Compass Insurance Brokers LLC has prospered to become a leading market force in financial planning and insurance industry of Dubai. Compass Insurance Brokers LLC is a professionally managed insurance broker with a team of over 100 Financial Advisors. Our strength is our attentive focus to the clients’ needs, the alliances we have created, and the trust we have built in the hearts of all.

Compass Insurance Brokers LLC is a customer centric Company, with a single minded focus on service. Our priority is to build long term client relationships, with complete customer satisfaction as the most negotiable objective. Through our extensive insurance service partner network, we are able to choose and customize services in every facet of financial planning, and insurance.

Our philosophy is focused on our customers and on helping them take the correct decisions. We, at Compass, believe that clients should expect to have their insurance requirements dealt with professionalism, explained to them in a language they can understand, and designed to cater to their specific needs. And we strive every day to make it happen.

We understand that each business and every individual is unique, which is why we specifically tailor our services to suit everyone’s individual needs. The size of your organization, big or small, doesn’t matter, you are special for us!

Compass stands tall on the strength of its core values. These values might be a few words while reading, but for us, these are the foundation stones of our day to day working, and a strong future. These are the value that creates a passion in us to serve you, and to be always true.

Composure & Compassion
Opportunities & Objectivity
Methodology & Meditation
Plan & Preparation
Analysis & Architecture
Substance & Solutions
Support & Sincerity

Over the years we have consciously made an effort to keep all our business values intact. Our business ethics set our direction, and our primary payback is your trust. We value our customers, their privacy, their assets, and their lifetime savings.

We listen to your problems and situations, analyse them objectively, and suggest the best possible solution that is available. We keep our clients updated and advise them on each decision they make. We want you to trust us, to be your financial architects.

Everyone in this world has a dream, a goal, a mark, a destiny set in their minds. And many have the energy and commitment to follow that dream and achieve their destiny. But they also need a clear sense of direction to reach their goal and ensure a prosperous future.

In encyclopedic terms, a compass is a navigational instrument for finding directions on the Earth. In a more artistic term, Compass is the best financial advisor for finding directions in life, for a better future. We, ensure that your investments are put in the best practices, your savings are fruitful, and your health, wealth, and life are insured.

We, at Compass, always strive to be a client driven Insurance and Financial Planning Solutions Provider. Our vision is to create and provide engineering solutions to our valued clients, on par with the highest standards of ethics, knowledge and integrity.

With our extensive network of trusted insurance organizations, at the local level, we can help you with greater insight to insurance cover options. Not limited to just the UAE, Compass would also help you choose an international insurance policy which can protect your interest worldwide.

P. Cannon Rasmussen once said, “To determine how successful your actions might be, consider how your efforts will serve to improve the lives of others.” At Compass, corporate social responsibility is essentially our contribution to sustainable development and betterment of the communities and societies beyond borders. As a responsible business entity, we recognize it as our duty, to go beyond protecting the environment and people's economic & social needs.

The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) is the premier association of financial professionals. Founded in 1927, MDRT is a global and independent association of more than 49,500 of the world's leading life insurance and financial services professionals, from more than 500 companies, spread across 70 countries. Since Compass advisors are members of the MDRT, you can be certain that you are working with an accomplished and ethical organization which is considered to be among the best in the world.