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Giresh Ragoowanshi

In 1999 a salesman came to me and asked me if i had an insurance policy.

I told him that i didnt believe in insurance companies and that we only paid them without bothering about however would not take ‘no’ for an answer and he asked me two questions.

A) How much electricity and water bill do i pay Month?
B) What do i get from the electricity department?

At first i want sure what he was trying to hint at, but then as i found later he was trying to make a valid point.He went on to explain how investing in the right insurance policy could protect me during difficult situations.

While I bought into the policy, I did not completely comprehend what i could do for me.t has been fifteen years since then and now I am waiting fr my first policy to mature.

I have to say that if it was not for this salesman ‘Rakesh Rachwani’, I wouldnt have saved the kind of money that I didnt even dream of in 1996.

The dream has now become a reality and thanks to the salesman for his interest in protecting my life and making me save for rainy day.

Plus I had the security of knowing that if something unfortunate was to befall me or my family I always had the medical cover to bank on.

In short in would describe Compass Financial Services as my partner and Rakesh Rachwani as my family member. “Financial guidance with personalised Service ”

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Giresh Ragoowanshi

17 - Apr - 2024