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Prakash Parmar

Dear Rakesh,

I am glad I met you. pastingAll my lifeI have had reservations about Financial Consultants & Insurance Brokers. The ones I have dealt with in the past were neither professional, nor did they keep my interest ahead of others.
Honestly, when we sat down for our 1st meeting, my sole intension was to get a quote to compare it to the one I got from my existing Broker. The thing that won me over was that you reviewed the policy based on my future needs, some of which even I was not aware of. You not only addressed the hidden issues in the policy, you also suggested minor tweaks which have greatly enhanced the coverage of the policy for me and my family.
You have gifted me peace of mind and an assurance that my family will be well taken care of in the future. I sincerely thank you for your thoughtfulness.
I consider you to be a good friend as a friend always covers your back. I have & always recommend you to my friends and business associates. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

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Prakash Parmar

19 - May - 2024